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Lotus Convertible Middle Pedal

Lotus Convertible Middle Pedal

by Adoro

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Introducing – LOTUS Convertible!

Four years of development, an infinite number of practice in everyday touring, and now the time has finally come: Lotus by Adoro Hardware meets all professional requirements, but is also very elegant and not too heavy. The foot pedals set new standards, especially the double foot pedal with 9 registered patents. We don’t just want any hardware, we want a series that is sustainable, durable and conflict-free. And that is our Lotus hardware.

The foot pedal to set new standards.

All of our pedals come with a solid base, which holds extremly well on carpets and smooth floors thanks to the large corrugated rubber surfaces. With their professional ball-bearings with extremely little tolerance, these pedals are also very quiet. All pedals are available with either slow or fast (excenter) cam. The innovation about the Lotus Convertible is not only that it runs absolutely smoothly, but also that you can convert it from a normal to a longboard with only one hand! 9 patents have been registered for this unique foot pedal, and the double pedal should have a hard time hitting an equal opponent. 8 high-tech ball-bearings work in the cardan shaft alone, four in each cube, and prevent the shaft from getting to much space or unnecessary friction. Another ball-bearing in the spring suspension prevents the creaking of the spring after prolonged use.


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