Adoro Silent Beater

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Bei Bassdrums, Cajons und E-Drum-Kickpads reduziert der Silent Beater die Lautstärke am unteren Ende und ist damit eine perfekte Kombination mit Silent Sticks. 6,2 mm Ø Welle passt auf alle gängigen Pedale. Stahlende für weniger Verschleiß.



For bass drums, cajons, and e-drum kick pads, the Silent Beater cuts volume from the low end, making it a perfect pairing with Silent Sticks. 6.1mm Ø shaft fits all standard pedals. With a rigid fiber shaft.

Teflon surface only with Adoro Silent Beater: Our beater comes with a thin and a thick additional pad not only for dampening, but also to reduce friction on the head – regular beaters usually destroy mesh heads easily. Thus our pads have a teflon coating to minimize the friction. This gives you three options when playing the kick – without pad, with the thin teflon pad, or with a thick teflon pad. This beater is a three-in-one!

Gewicht 2 g
Größe 10 × 2 × 2 cm

2 reviews

  1. Andreas

    The silent beater reduces the shock waves dramatically. I use it to trigger my e-drum kick pad, and used to have issues with double trigger signals and loud shock waves that can be heard all through our appartment. The flexible shaft not only reduces the unwanted noises, but also all double triggers. It took me a few minutes to adjust my playing, but now I can really play whenever I want to, and outside of my room nobody can hear me. The noise of the Plock Plock of the beater was really getting on my dads nerves. Together with the silent sticks, i now feel no urge to upgrade my edrum to mesh heads, especially as I dislike how bouncy they feel. I spent the money saved on a new drum brain… thanks!

  2. Konstantin

    The beater is pretty light, and indeed low volume, to my surprise. I had to get used to the way the shaft bends, but after a few minutes it felt more natural. I had to adjust the sensitivity on my e-drum. The extra foam piece looks a bit cheap, but it works perfectly, I also use it on acoustic drums with my regular beater – it is fuzzy enough to hold on it. I wish the beater was a bit heavier, but then again, it should be low volume, so I guess you can’t have it all. Only four stars because I think there is still room for improvement.

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