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Adoro Worship Maple Silk Snare 12×6″

12×6 Adoro Worship Series Snaredrum
4mm Maple Shell, Silk Laquer Finish
Custom Bronze Snareteppich
Adoro Heritage / Adoro Resonance Drumheads


Our Adoro Worship Series snares are equipped with extremely thin, high-quality 4mm maple shells and come with our Adoro Heritage skins for a fat and warm sound.

Due to the special design of our 12×6 snares, they can not only be used as versatile side snares, but are also suitable as main snare, wherever a full but not too loud snaredrum sound is required. Therefore, we like to combine our 12×6 Maple Snares as primary snare with our Adoro Worship Series drum kits to achieve a particularly balanced drum sound.

It is often the snare drum that is perceived by the listeners as uncomfortably loud in acoustic settings. In those situations our 12×6 Worship Series Maple snaredrums can be the secret weapon. The interaction of the smaller shell diameter, perfectly matched snare wires, which do not sound too sharp and dominant, and our particularly warm-sounding heritage skins, enable a full and warm snare sound that blends in wonderfully with the overall sound of our kits.

The fact that the sound character of our snares is still very fat and full is owed to their extra thin shell, which can resonate much more than usual 7- or even 10-layer snare shells. The generous depth of 6 “, which ensures a rich low-mid portion in the sound, helps the small drums to deliver a fat backbeat sound. Adoro Worship Series Snare offers significantly more tone than you would expect from snares of this size! In addition, the thin shells also respond better, which benefits the dynamic range of the drums. The excellent workmanship of the shells and burrs guarantees a wide range and easy tuning, which makes our snares fine workhorses for stage and studio.


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