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Silent Sticks Thick-X-Grips

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Drums zu laut? Jetzt nicht mehr!

Niedrigste Lautstärke bei großartigem Stockgefühl! Mit den Adoro Silent Sticks kannst du entpannt in Lautstärken spielen, die Du vorher nie für möglich gehalten hättest. Nun neu, mit Nylon Tip, und besonders griffigem X-Grip!

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(can be combined with other Silent Sticks & Beater!)




To cut your volume, just change your sticks!

Want to reduce the volume of your drums and cymbals without adjusting how you play or getting into low-volume gear? Just change your sticks. With Silent Sticks Thick-X-Grip you keep the feel – especially with the new larger-diameter shaft with anti-slip X-Grips – and the tone but cut the volume by +/- 50%. Our exclusive Dual-Twist Reflex Tip® is the magic. To cut your bass drum volume, add a Silent Beater.

Your weapon of choice for most situations: a nice thick and firm X-Grip in the size of a 5A stick gives you enough control, the Dual-Twist-Reflex-Tip from hard nylon gives you a nice attack on both cymbals and toms, so close to the sound of regular sticks, only the volume difference will give it away. Can be used on both acoustic and e-drums.

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Silent Percussion Sticks (ASS) – 11mm shaft

Silent Sticks Thick X-Grip (SSX) – 14.5mm shaft, hard grip

Silent-E-Sticks (SSE) – 15.5mm shaft, soft grip & tip

Scott Pellegrom Signature Silent Sticks – 16.5mm shaft and soft grip

Adoro Silent Beater mit flexiblem Schaft für E-Drum Pads

Adoro Silent Beater mit Fiber Schaft für akustische Drums

Gewicht 2 g
Größe 16 × 1 × 0.5 cm

7 reviews

  1. Richard A. Langley

    I use the silent sticks to rehearse in our little studio. I love them. If the rest of the band wants to hear what they really sound like with out ear monitors they are a miracle!

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  2. Leeroy Heckart

    My whole church basically made a comment the Sunday I brought them to church. That’s how much of a difference these sticks make. I’m pulling the trigger on the worship series.

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  3. Jared Ostrom

    Screw everyone who says these don’t work, YOU dont work, these sticks kick ass, and if you don’t think so, change instruments, pansy!

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  4. Paul Spears

    Just got a set and have to say after 50 years of drumming and spending a small fortune on hot rod sticks to be able to play quietly with attack and energy these silent sticks are great with a fantastic cymbal response

    If you need to play at low volume you need these as an alternative in your stick bag

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  5. Nechemia Soibelman

    I never leave feed back but I got these sticks and let me tell u life changing.

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  6. Brad Hepfer

    I’ve had the sticks for several months now and really like them. I use to only play when it rained and the wife ( a former drummer and lead singer in an all girl band in the sixties) wasn’t home. No longer an issue with these sticks.

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  7. Cyrus Cariaga

    Enjoy playing with your invention especially on those days when Diabetic Arthropothy and Arthritis “creeps up”, Lol.

    Thank You So Much! Aloha.

    Take Care, Stay Safe

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