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Silent-E-Sticks for e-drums

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Play e-drums, with style, minus noise.

Möchten Sie die Lautstärke Ihrer E-Drums und Pads reduzieren? Ja, wir haben einen speziellen E-Drum-Stick für Sie! Mit 14,5mm Schaft hat der Stick am Griff die gleiche Dicke wie ein normaler 5A Stick. Das ist unser kränkster – äh, dickster Stock aller Zeiten! Der Silent-E-Stick . kommt in einem blinkenden Blau, mit einer weicheren Spitze, die speziell auf die federnden Mesh-Heads und Pads abgestimmt ist

Mit Silent Sticks behält man das Gefühl – vor allem mit dem neuen Schaft mit größerem Durchmesser mit rutschfesten X-Grips – und den Ton aber reduziert die Lautstärke um +/- 50%. Unsere exklusive Dual-Twist Reflex Tip® ist die Magie. Um die Lautstärke Ihrer Bassdrum zu reduzieren, fügen Sie einen Silent Beater hinzu.

Diese Version hat einen größeren und etwas schwereren Schaft als die reguläre Version.

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Cut the ‘thwack’ of e-drum pads.

E-drums sound great through headphones or an amp. But the ‘thwack’ of sticks hitting those pads is enough to drive everyone else – maybe you too – crazy.

Silent E-SticksTM automatically cut that noise +/-50%. How? Like Adoro Silent SticksTM for acoustic drums, Silent E-Sticks feature our exclusive Dual Loop Reflex TipsTM, though these tips differ slightly. Because their role is to trigger sounds, not create them, E-Stick tips are softer and more flexible, so stick-to-pad contact noise is minimal and no longer annoying. A slightly heavier air-filled polycarbonate shaft ensures the tips hit the pads with sufficient velocity to activate their sounds yet cut that ‘thwack’.

With their 14.5mm shafts Silent E-Sticks feel like a 5A, while their anti-slip Electric Blue X-Grips contrast with the Black grips of our acoustic Silent Sticks.

And for the bass drum, acoustic or e-drum, there is Silent BeaterTM.


Silent Percussion Sticks (ASS) – 11mm shaft

Silent Sticks Thick X-Grip (SSX) – 14.5mm shaft, hard grip

Silent-E-Sticks (SSE) – 15.5mm shaft, soft grip & tip

Scott Pellegrom Signature Silent Sticks – 16.5mm shaft and soft grip

Adoro Silent Beater mit flexiblem Schaft für E-Drum Pads

Adoro Silent Beater mit Fiber Schaft für akustische Drums

Gewicht 2 g
Größe 16 × 1 × 0.5 cm

4 reviews

  1. Matt Drummer

    Just bought and used them today. Excellent product. If you are just an uncontrolled basher, then you will not be happy, but if you play with some finesse then I highly recommend them.

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  2. David Fuchser

    Just got a pair of the blue edrum version for my Roland kit, since I live in an apartment. It’s not silent of course, but it takes a considerable edge away compared to my regular sticks. Also have tennis ball risers underneath my bass and pedals (the main offenders!) Would recommend these sticks to any edrum player!

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  3. Justin Bowe

    I’ve tried many implements to play quieter but with good tone; I don’t like rods, I like some things about rutes, and I liked the ProMark broomsticks but these SilentSticks are the best option I’ve tried in years. They feel great, play great, and work great for playing in a small church worship area. I did break the tip off one, but it happens to real sticks too so it’s fine. They deliver a tiny bit more attack than tone, but I can live with it. Highly recommend!

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  4. Glenn Etter

    Used mine for the first time last night and was very impressed, as was the rest of the band! Wondering how long they will last and how the plastic shaft will handle cymbal rash, but so far so good…

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