Adoro Silent Beater (soft)


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Bei Bassdrums, Cajons und E-Drum-Kickpads reduziert der Silent Beater die Lautstärke am unteren Ende und ist damit eine perfekte Kombination mit Silent Sticks. 6,2 mm Ø Welle passt auf alle gängigen Pedale. Stahlende für weniger Verschleiß. Teflon-Pads für reduzierte Reibung und Langlebigkeit der Köpfe.

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(can be combined with other Silent Sticks & Beater!)



For bass drums, cajons, and e-drum kick pads, the Silent Beater (soft)  cuts volume from the low end, making it a perfect pairing with Silent Sticks. 6.2mm Ø shaft fits all standard pedals. Steel end for less wear.

Teflon surface only with Adoro Silent Beater: Our beater comes with a thin and a thick additional pad not only for dampening, but also to reduce friction on the head – regular beaters usually destroy mesh heads easily. Thus our pads have a teflon coating to minimize the friction. This gives you three options when playing the kick – without pad, with the thin teflon pad, or with a thick teflon pad. This beater is a three-in-one! If you think this beater is even too low volume or too soft, please consider our regular silent beater with a more rigid fiber shaft.


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Adoro Silent Beater mit flexiblem Schaft für E-Drum Pads

Adoro Silent Beater mit Fiber Schaft für akustische Drums

Gewicht 2 g
Größe 10 × 2 × 2 cm

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  1. Rafael Franco

    This silent beater is the best out there. It ACTUALLY reduces the noise significantly, opposed to the Kat and others which barely do anything

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