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Tuck-Yourself-Calf-skin-Set Thin-14″


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“Tuck Yourself” Calf Drumskin Pack:

The best way to start tucking your own natural skins for drums.

The “Tuck Yourself Calf Skin Pack” gives you all the material you need to put a white Litik calf skin on your 14” snare.  The pack includes Litik’s specially designed Easy Tuck hoop, a Tucker (the tool you need to tuck the skin) and a calfskin pre-cut to size.  Just add water and you’re ready to tuck yourself!  Your first time and feeling a bit nervous?  Don’t worry,  there is a video tutorial available that will walk you through the process and give you some extra tips. –>

The best thing about the “Tuck Yourself” Pack is that hoops and tucker are reusable once it’s time to change your skin.  A replacement skin is comparable in cost to a new synthetic drum skin.  


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