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Dream Scott Pellegrom RE-FX Crop Circle 14″

14″ RE-FX Crop Circle, aus B20 Bronzelegierung mit Jingles.


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The Re-FX Crop Circle 14 was developed with astonishing drumming force, Scott Pellegrom. Made from our recycling program, we took other manufacturers broken cymbals and made this awesome analogue effect from your drum kit. Use it on your snare to create a electronic drum effect or accent, or drop it on a tom tom or ride cymbal for more sound possibilities. Equipped with 4 pairs of replaceable jingles.

(USA Only:) Bring any broken B20 or B8 style cymbal into your nearest Dream Cymbals dealer and receive $1 per diameter inch in a rebate towards a new Dream cymbal purchased at that store. Dealers pass on the rebate to the customer and call us to collect the broken cymbals. Broken cymbals are re-manufactured into new sounds, castings and effects such as the cool Re-FX series.

Andrew Barkau says: “The Dream Recycling Program stands alone in the industry. It’s not only a way to turn spent cymbals into new DREAM sounds, it’­­­­­­s a way of serving our environment. ‘Cash’ in for new sounds by making a positive impact on the Earth, your finances, and, on your new Dream Cymbal, a very beautiful sounding impact indeed.”


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