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Adoro Vintage Custom Snare Wire 12″

Adoro Vintage Custom Snare Wire 12″, Phosphor Bronze, 12 strand

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In stock

In stock

Adoro Custom Snare Wire 12″, Phosphor Bronze, 12 strand

The Adoro Vintage Custom Wires are carefully hand soldered. Especially in bright sounding rooms the snare is often much too loud, a large part of the volume is made by the snare wires. While 10-16 wires were common in the past, 20s have now become the norm to make the snare louder – literally. In addition to the higher loudness, more wires also reduce the manufacturing deficiencies of industrially produced instruments. However, if nuances are important to you – and we at Adoro are well known for this – you can reduce the loudness a little with our 12s and tame the diffuse murmur of the snare wires.

All Adoro snare wires come with our Krystalclear Strips for mounting. These ensure a secure hold, do not slip and push the wires away from the head when relaxed.

+ recommended for all 12″ and 13″ snares

+ recommended for shallow to medium deep 14″ snares (3-6,5″)

+ reduces loudness

+ crisp response

+ less sympathetic noise (rustling)

+ incl. Krystalclear Stripes for mounting



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