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Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Shell Set 1399,-

Don’t call them children drums just because the kick is small. Wait ’til you hear it roar!

Based on our award winning Worship Series (dream drum set of the year, orchester and band instrument of the year), the Sweet Sixteen series is our most compact but yet full and rich sounding drum set for small acoustic gigs, practice, recordings, you name it. Don’t let the small size fool you, this is a professional drum set, but at a fraction of the cost.

The Facts:

  • All Maple Shells, 4.5mm
  • 16×14″ kick drum with telescope legs, removable riser and tom mount.
  • 12×5″ Snare Drum with 12 strand custom phosphor bronze snare wire
  • 8×6″ & 10×6″ Rack Toms (10″ tom optional available with snare function)
  • Sweet Sixteen Sound profile12×10 Floor Tom with long 10.5mm legs
  • Available in three amazing lacquer finishes!


• Available with an optional hardware set, single braced, which is not only lightweight, but also professional

• and a B20 Cymbal Set (13″ HiHat, 15″ full crash, 19″ crash/ride), designed by adoro, in cooperation with Litik, which can be completed with our other cymbals (14″ & 15″ HH, 16″ & 18″ crash, 20″ & 22″ crash/ride, check our cymbals.


The Sweet Sixteen Set comes in only one configuration, but with three finishes:
– Gray Sparkle (lacqer finish)
– Black Ice (lacquer finish)
– Maple Silk (lacquer finish)