Beater & Silent-A-Sticks Set

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Play drums, with style, less loud. As set with beater.

Want to reduce the volume of your acoustic drums and edrums? With 15 mm shaft the stick has the same thickness at the handle as a regular 5A stick.
With Silent Sticks you keep the feel – especially with the new larger-diameter shaft with anti-slip X-Grips – and the tone but cut the volume by +/- 50%. Our exclusive Dual-Twist Reflex Tip® is the magic. Incl. Silent Beater.

This version has a bigger and a bit heavier shaft than the regular version.

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Silent Sticks X-Grip Set

Volume a problem? Not now!

Your weapon of choice for most situations: a nice thick and firm X-Grip in the size of a 5A stick gives you enough control, the Dual-Twist-Reflex-Tip from hard nylon gives you a nice attack on both cymbals and toms, so close to the sound of regular sticks, only the volume difference will give it away. Can be used on both acoustic and e-drums.

And for the bass drum, acoustic or e-drum, there is Silent BeaterTM.

incl. Adoro Silent Beater, Fiber Shaft

Especially made for Acoustic Drums, the Silent Beater (fiber) has a durable but light shaft wich will reduce your kick volume significantly. With teflon pad to reduce friction on meshheads. It has a small head that delivers low volume with punch. Or, add the shock-absorbing impact pad (included) to further soften that punch and lessen the volume even more.

Fits all bass drum pedals.


Weight 2 g
Dimensions 16 × 1 × 0.5 cm


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